Full frontal assault

In my last blog I talked about David slaying the giant. I want to highlight one more very important factor to that story that often gets overlooked. It is what David did when faced with a giant of a problem that gives us some great insight and hope on how to handle it.

When David was ready to fight and go down to meet the giant in battle, what he did was simply amazing and astounding and inspiring. He looked at his enemy who was far far far superior in every respect to him but instead of walking slow, hiding, ducking, sneaking up to him, he started to run directly toward him. I don’t mean jog up to him, I mean a full-on frontal sprint directly in his face.

The bible doesn’t specify what happens next but, in my imagination, I see the giant stepping back in amazement feeling the beginnings of something he has never felt. Fear. He had never seen an enemy charge at him because they all ran from him. Here is this 15-year old boy charging straight at him. Again, this is my imagination, but the momentum of him running with his sling was probably the reason that the rock had such a velocity that it killed the giant on impact.

The point is, in life when you are facing a situation that looks like a giant issue and possibly insurmountable, hiding from it or ignoring it may not be the best solution. Sometimes it is better to run straight at the problem instead of just hoping it goes away on its own. KT

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