Finding joy

Finding joy is much harder than you would think it is. It is a choice, not a reaction to events in our life. Have you ever seen someone that seems to have it all but still cannot be happy? Hollywood actors will teach us that money, ease and things do not equal joy in one’s life. It is deeper than that.

As said above, it is a choice to happy and I believe this deeply. The ages are full of people that kept saying that when this or that happens, then I will be happy. It could be job related, house related, children related, money related, relationship related or many other such plateaus or events that people chose to wait for to be happy.

Happiness and joy are two completely separate things. Happiness is event based like “we are going to the beach,” and happiness does not equal joy. If you have joy on the other hand, it gives you an uplifting countenance and most of the time equals happiness. Happiness alone is very elusive and comes and goes with various circumstances in your life.

The bible speaks about the fruits of the spirit. This simply means that these things will grow and will be visible for all to see when you line your life up with Jesus. The fruits listed in Galatians 5:22-23 are love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. As you will appreciated, this passage of scripture can and has been talked about and written about for generations. Since we don’t have generations, I want to point out the first three, love, joy and peace. Simply put, I believe these three come in that order and I believe all three are a choice. When you choose to love others (think the best of them and forgive them) you will find an inner joy and from that inner joy you will find peace.

If we took a survey of the top 10 things everyone wants in their heart, these three would be on that list.

If you want joy in your life, chose to love first and then you find that ever elusive peace we all long for. KT

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