Finding a new gear

In business and life, sometimes we just need to find a new gear. Several years ago, I joined a cycling team and we would go on long rides a couple times a week and there were several weekend ride events that I also participated in. I was never serious with the sport but did enjoy it.

The one thing you quickly find out is that the gears on your bike are your best friend. When you hit a hill, you simple cannot keep the bike in the same gear and expect to make it up that hill. At the beginning of the hill you start down shifting and continue down shifting as you climb the hill. I have some friends that were riding (with the clip locks on the shoes) and waited too long to start downshifting and just stopped moving forward and fell over. Ha. You only make that mistake once.

I am a car enthusiast and there is nothing more fun than a fast car with a six-speed driving in the mountains. Even driving a powerful car, you can’t stay in high gear in the mountains. It is the same way in life, you can’t stay in the same gear long term and expect to enjoy the ride. You must down shift or up shift based on the circumstances before you.  In life, there is a point where you must shift your focus into a different gear (metaphor) if you want to finish the race and you must decide, do I keep going like I am, or do I find another gear and get out of this rut I am in?

On my Trek bike I have 18 gears and trust me, I have used them all to accomplish a ride. In life you may not have 18 gears, but you do have different gears (mentally) you can use if you only decide to. KT

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