Faking yourself out

Funny story. We started buying these vegetable straws from the grocery store that come in a bag like potato chips. The bag says one serving is 38 straws and is 130 calories. The big bag has probably eight servings in all.

I have been using these as a shack for a couple of weeks and the other day Elaine, came home with the same brand of straws, but in separate serving little bags. Each little bag had exactly 38 straws. I say exactly because there are no more or no less than 38.

Well… I learned something about myself that I didn’t know. Using the little portion control bags is not nearly as satisfying as counting the straws as you eat them from the bigger bag. I realized that I enjoyed, losing count,,,,,, every now and then, on how many straws I had eaten. Ha. With the little bags, there is no guess work and you don’t have to be concerned (not that I was) if you eat more than 38.

So, here I was the other night counting as I ate from the big bag and I caught myself fudging the number I had eaten to my own self! I caught myself lying to myself.  I was like,,,, who does that??? It is like deciding to eat a certain number of cookies but when you get them out of the bag, you see a few broken ones in there also. You eat the broken ones without taking away from the whole ones you planned to eat.  You tell yourself those calories don’t count.

So, I have determined that the great equalizer is the mirror in your bathroom. It has no ambiguity, no misrepresentation and is not misleading. It is exactness. So tonight, I will eat my “roughly,,,,,” 38 vegetable straws and be happy with myself. KT

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