I have a vivid memory of numbers, dates, times, people, and events. I could tell you the price and the buyer’s names on most of the hotels I have sold. It’s just a thing.

Funny story – Elaine and I were heading home the other day and were firsthand eyewitnesses to a car accident. Literally right in front of us. We pulled over and went to see if the parties were ok and called 911 with the location etc. As we were leaving, I asked Elaine if she remembers which way the lead car was traveling and where the other car came from? I told her I couldn’t remember it exactly. She said, “you know I was thinking about the same thing.”

Here I was, a person that can remember detailed numbers from three decades ago and I couldn’t (with certainty) remember what just happened in front of me. How is that possible? There must be some trigger in our brain that possibly blocks out certain events.  I am sure it is something to do with watching a disturbing event happen that maybe clouds the memory. I don’t know but we have all watched cop shows where they say that eyewitnesses are unreliable. Well,,, it may be true. KT

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