Every path leads to a destination

Wouldn’t it be great if you could stand at the entrance of a path/ trail and see all the way to the end? You could then know if you want to take that path. Unfortunately, that is not how life works. Every decision we make leads to a result and every path we take leads to a destination. Life would be so much easier if we could see the result before we decided to take a certain path. Every path we take leads somewhere and the decision we all must make is; do we want to be at that somewhere.

We all know the wrong paths a person could take; cheating, drugs, sex, infidelity, lies, stealing, alcohol and the list could be quite long. The problem with entrances to a path is they always look good and inviting at the beginning. If you can, read that last sentence again.

By way of example, say a person is at a crossroads in life. One path looks hard and the other path looks easy. Let’s say the easy path is a little bit of drugs and a little bit of alcohol; At the entrance of that path it looks like so much fun and the person can envision a long life of freedom and joy. Everybody else is doing it so it must be ok, right?

What you cannot see at the entrance of that path, is the destruction, devastation and possibly death. See, all that is hidden from you behind the pretty entrance. The real result is only revealed once you start down that path and many times you don’t even know it until you are too far to turn back.

We as adults know (if we are honest) how the story ends for most paths. Unfortunately, we fool ourselves into believing it will be fun. If you are ever out with a bunch of guys and one of them says “watch this,” there is pretty good chance it will not turn out as expected.

So, if you are standing at the entrance of a path (change in your life) put on your spiritual infrared goggles and humble yourself and ask God to tell you which way to go. KT

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