Enough is sometimes never enough

120 years ago, the two richest men in America battled it out, for the number one slot. John D Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie were vastly more wealthy than any of the tech moguls today. John D was worth at his peak, 300 billion in today’s dollars. Andrew Carnegie was worth at his peak between 350 and 375 billion.

To put that in perspective, depending on stock value, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are considered the two wealthiest people in the world. Bezos at 116 billion and Gates at 100 billion. That means that Rockefeller and Carnegie were worth three rimes what Bezos and Gates are worth.

But that still wasn’t enough for either one of them. The title is “enough is sometimes never enough.” Rockefeller and Carnegie fought like dogs to destroy the other and were vehement enemies. You ask, “they had so much money, why couldn’t they be satisfied with enough.” That is the point. Sometimes, not every time, enough is not enough. These two men fought, strived, battled and probably lost sleep and years of joy over what? Who was going to be the richest?

When you look at sex, drugs, alcohol, smoking, weight, food, exercise etc. you can see what I mean. When you start down that road, it is common to think, just a little more, and that will be enough. I will use a silly example, so I don’t have to get into the real important issues mentioned above. Let say you like Cheetos. You buy a big bag and carry it over to your chair while you watch TV. You say to yourself; I am just going to eat a few. Well, you eat a few and then eat a few more and before you know it, half the bag is gone. Then you say well, I might as well finish them off, so you eat the whole bag. You just wolfed down 4k calories in one sitting because enough was not enough? Ha

In life we need to set boundaries in everything we do. There needs to be a stopping point. Forrest Gump started out running down the driveway and ended a few months later, running across America. Ha. That is not what we do in real life. If you are a runner, everyone knows you decide before you start, how far you will run that day. No runner just goes out and runs until he gets tired. No one.

The point is, in the real issues of life, find satisfaction in enough. You will find that people with the most joy, best sleep and greatest satisfaction are the ones you said, enough is enough. KT

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