Dying perfect

Wouldn’t it be a shame to die perfect having never accomplishing anything for someone else? I heard a pastor speak on this the other day and it struck a chord in my heart so I thought I would add a couple my thoughts to the subject.

What if your whole life was about you? The perfect house, the perfect friends, the perfect car, weighing the perfect weight at death, wearing your perfect cloths, your perfect education, your perfect church, your perfect job, trying to make your children perfect? The point is to do all of this and having spent your life only focusing on you. What a shame and a waste of a life. There is nothing wrong with houses, cloths, jobs, friends etc. but when that or they become the center focus of your life, it is at that point that we should all wake up and start the process of changing our focus.

I have a friend of mine in Dallas who is the same age as I am and his wife unexpectedly passed away recently. It broke his heart. The main word in is “unexpectedly.” I would guess that many people pass away unexpectedly. Many people think they have time and years to change and put off doing and being the kind of person they really want to be. Once the unexpected happens, there is no going back, no fixing it and there are no extensions.

Live life on purpose and find a purpose that moves you to look beyond yourself and beyond physical things and do something with your life that will outlast you. Shannon Alder said “carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” KT

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