Dream won’t chase you

Have you ever been dreaming about something and then wake up for some reason and then can’t remember what you were dreaming?

Life dreams/ aspirations/ desires are a lot like that. If you have a dream of where you want your life to be, you are the chaser because the dream won’t chase you.  If a person that won’t get off the couch and go after what they want, what they want (their dream) won’t chase them down and come find them.

Dreams are a funny thing and need to be held very close to the heart. What most people do is start talking about it to their friends and every time you do this, the vision of the dream becomes less and less. Hold it close and let God direct your thinking and understanding and you will know when the time is right to speak about it.

I believe dreams are a lot like temptations. The temptation for something may be strong but there is always a path to walk away. A dream is the hope that comes in times of despair that gives you a reason to keep going. There is always a dream, some may be small, and some may be big, but there is always a dream of the person you want to be or the life you want to live.

Payne Stewart (pro golfer) said shortly before he died in a plane crash, “the thing about dreams is sometimes you get to live them out.” I say bring um on and live them out because I suspect that people at the end of their life don’t think about work, career, cars, or money. I suspect they think about the dreams they had but never got around to pursuing them. KT

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