Doing what you know you should do

If we were to have a confidential survey that no one would ever see, we would probably be very open to answering it honestly. If one of the questions was “do you know what you should do?” we most likely already know the real answer. There is very little gray area when we are truthful with ourselves.

This afternoon I made calls to all the people that had looked at this one hotel we are selling. I didn’t want to make the calls but I did it anyway. It’s like working out or sitting on the couch and watching TV. There is no question what I should be doing but I can make every excuse and validate every reason why I shouldn’t do it. In this example I know with perfect clarity what I should do but it doesn’t mean that is what I do.

I think it is funny that the Apostle Paul wrote in the bible that at times I do what I know I should not do and at other times I don’t do what I know I should do. That’s us isn’t it? When you are dealing with something more serious we often waver around because we act like it is a gray area. Like finding a 10 dollar bill you saw someone else drop. Like being honest when you take something back to a store. Like telling the cashier they forgot to ring something up. Like telling someone the truth. Like being honest with your time at work and the list could go on and on.

Most decisions are either black or white instead of being in a gray area. I was meeting with some young guys on a new project they were doing and the project is having issues. When asked what they think the company should do, their response was that they would shut the project down. Shutting the project down means they would lose their jobs. When I heard them say that, it made me trust them even more. They could have said some ideas to sting out their employment but they didn’t do that. Being that honest makes everyone involved really want to try and keep them.

When you talk to little children they tell you the truth because they haven’t learned how to lie yet. I think when you are praying it’s really important to be transparent and honest with God. He already knows what the intent of the heart is yet sometimes we will try to sell God on our idea. It could be because of pride, jealousy, conceit, anger, strife or many of the other emotions we don’t want to admit. Its spiritual how admitting them honestly to God actually helps you get past the issue. When you put the honest name to an issue, the issue loses a lot of its power over you. KT

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