Doing what is right

You can take a person from any walk of life, any job, any income level, nationality, race, religion and ask them in almost every situation, do they know the right thing to do. If we are all honest, we almost always know how it should be done and what the right way is to handle it.

Just about in any situation of an ethic or moral nature, we know what we ought to do. We may not always do it but we know the right way to handle things. Something happens to us on the inside when we begin doing the right thing. Take your job for instance. When you don’t follow the crowd and take part in gossip and just walk away, it begins to build your self-esteem. In your job, when you begin to do the best you can as compared to just enough to stay employed, it builds your self-esteem. When you stay a little longer than you are paid for to make sure that shipment gets sent or you take an extra minute with a customer to make sure they are taken care of or you go the extra step to think good of people versus being cynical, it all begins to build you up on the inside.

One of the most beautiful people you will ever meet is the person that has the quiet confidence of having spent a life doing what is right. You can see in their eyes and you don’t even have to ask. It is a countenance that can only come from honesty.

Take the next week and tell yourself I am not going to watch the time clock, rather I am just going to do my best and do what is right and respond to everyone in the manner I would want to be treated and see how you feel at the end of the week.

Doing what is right is really an easy thing to do because we all know what it is. KT

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