Do you need God when things are good?

Many people don’t think they need Jesus when everything is good. When the bills are paid and children are healthy and the job is going great, some people don’t really think they need a relationship. Are they correct? It is amazing to me how that attitude changes when the situation changes.

You have heard me tell this story but it is worth telling again. Imagine you are at the beach with your girlfriend and you are a little on the skinny side. Along comes a big muscular guy who steals your girlfriend. You get mad and start doing pushups and sit-ups. Ha. The problem is it is too late to start working out at that point. That is how many people think spiritually in that they only need to start praying and seeking God when something bad has happened.

I think he really savors our prayers and thanksgiving when things are good in our life and not just when we get into trouble.

I hear a bunch of people saying that they are atheist and do not believe there is a God. I will tell you that anyone who says that has never been in trouble or ever had a sick child. One thing I am certain of is that during war time there were no soldiers that when into battle saying there is no God. The opposite is probably true. They called out to God for protection and wanted him near.

I believe it is especially sweet to God when we are faithful in the good times and not just when we are down. That is why I believe tithing is so very special because believe it or not, it is always easier to give when you need God’s help and much harder to give when things are going good. Percentage giving keeps things on an even basis and the giving amount moves with the income. It is the consistency of faith or the act of faith that moves God.

I believe we need God even more when things are good because we need his wisdom and guidance even more at that time. It is when things are going good that we need to be the most vigilant and most careful about our thinking. One of the finest men I have ever known was as passionate in his prayer life in good times as well as bad. When you heard him pray you would never know if things were up or down in his life. He was always the same.

God wants to hear from us in all situations of life from the small to the large, from the important to the seemingly insignificant, when things are good as well as when thing are troublesome, in need or in lack, in health or in sickness. He already knows everything going on in your life and he will not be surprised by what you tell him. He just wants to hear your voice reaching out to him. KT

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