Difference between how and why

Someone once said, that the person that knows how, will always have a job, but he will always work for the person that knows why.

I believe every business must have the how and the why to succeed over time. One without the other will most likely not stand the test of time. There are probably thousands of companies that fail because it was started by the person who knew how but never could grasp the why. There must be a greater reason than just money. People need to have something they believe in.

History is full of companies that have lasted for decades because they were able to get people to believe in what they were doing. Many of the tech companies today exist because early on they issued stock instead of big salaries which caused people to take ownership in the company (the why) and then developed how to do it.

When you talk to a home depot employee in the light bulb section, the reason they want to take care of the customer is because most of them probably own stock in the company. When you go to the drive through at a Chick-fil-A, the reason the service is the best in the industry is because each of those young people work for company that gives a lot of money to helping others. They understand the why.

Whatever your job is and whoever you work for, try to find the why. KT

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