Déjà vu 20 years later

In the mid to late 90’s, on occasion I would take my daughters (one at a time) to the office with me. They would hang out, color pictures, use sticker books and help sometimes in the package room. I loved those moments because I got to ride with them to work and go out and eat lunch together and let them experience something different. I was young, and they were young, and it seems like life would always be that way.

Here is the Déjà vu part. Yesterday, my granddaughters came to the office with their daddy who also works with me as hotel broker. It was like I was stepping back 20 years ago. Like my girls then, my granddaughters colored pictures put stickers and labels on everything, made cards and spent a lot of time with our IT and package writers. They were sitting up in the front reception area where they hung a poster saying that they were the company complaint department. Ha. They also gave all the brokers an exam to see if they were a weirdo. All the brokers tested positive!

Life is precious, and moments are precious. Be there for them. KT

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