Confidence is the core of charisma

True charisma is not defined as some flashy person with a big smile. True charisma is all in the eyes that beam with intellect, confidence, honesty, and someone who you trust.

I have been to many hotel investors conferences and I love to watch people. The guys with the tight suit that bulges when buttoned, pants that hit about ankle height, pointy toed shoes, big smile and about a pound of hair gel are not the ones you want to zero in on. When you meet the real leaders, you will see that light in their eyes and that quiet confidence that lets you know someone is home.

Confidence is the core to charisma. True charisma is infectious and engaging and I want to address that. Life is full of momentum changes just like a ballgame. When confidence is low you just need to keep going until it returns. It never returns all the time, so it is important to cherish those swings.

A really simple, yet important prayer is, “lord, I need to find my way again. I lay my life in your hands for where you want me and what you want me to do. I ask these things in faith and receive them even before I end this prayer. Thank you, Lord,” When you end that prayer, just make the decision in your heart that you have God on your side and that will give you a renewed confidence toward your future. He tells us in his word, “come to me and I will not turn you away” Merry Christmas. KT

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