Close all exits

In life, sometimes you need to close all the exits. There are decisions in our lives that we need to “abandon” all escape routes and stay with the decision. Sometimes you won’t see success in the short term. Most people will quit and start something else and go from issue to issue because they couldn’t stay long enough with one decision.

There were times in my career when it was stale and stagnant; as we all do, I wondered if this was what I was supposed to be doing. There are situations that you need to move from and there are situations you need to stick with. You and God are the only ones who know the difference. I am not saying that every home, every job, every investment, every friend should be a lifelong decision. As the Bible says, “A wise person sometimes changes his mind,” but that’s not want I am talking about.  What I am referring to are the decisions you know in your spirit/heart is the right one, but because of fear you starting heading for the exit door. Sometimes walking away from the exit door is the very thing God needs to see in us. KT

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