Choosing moments

Tomorrow we are taking a family trip to Colorado. All the kids, son-in-law’s and granddaughters. The whole fam.

When you think about planning a trip like this there is always reasons not to do it. I have this going on, they have that going on, scheduling, school, meetings, existing plans etc. etc. It is always easier to say, “let’s just go next year.”

Well, next year is, well,,,, next year. Now is,,, now. I choose now over next year because no one knows what the circumstances will be next year. See, that’s the thing about moments. You hopefully will have many more moments similar to now but they will never be just like this one. The other day I was thinking about my 50th birthday party and how it seems like it was just a few months ago. Then I realized that in that same seemingly blink of time (10 years) I will be 70 years old. Therefore, I called that next morning and booked the family trip.

Life has a way of slipping by without us noticing it. It’s the events and the moments and the memories that we remember most. I say pack life full and choose now over tomorrow. It can be as simple as choosing to reconnect with a family member or have coffee with someone important, telling your children that you love them unconditionally, fix a personal matter or even get on your knees and have that conversation with God that you have been putting off. In short, choose now because it is all you really are promised. Tomorrow is not.  KT

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