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Typing class

There are moments in life that you look back on and realize you made the wrong decision. One such decision for me was typing class my senior year of high school.

When I put together my schedule, I needed an elective and somehow, I ended up in typing class. I remember thinking, “there is no need for me to learn how to type. I’m never going to use it in life” So what did I do? I transferred out of typing and got into a guitar class. Boy, that was a good career move!

There is not a day that goes by at work, when I am typing with two fingers, that I don’t think about that decision. I see all these other people with their hands in the right place and using all 10 fingers and it looks so simple.  Here I am hunting and pecking like a chicken, when if I had just stayed in the right class, how much easier communicating would be. Of course, for all those who are young reading this blog, we didn’t have computers, laptops, cell phones, snap chat, Facebook, email, and texting. The closest thing I came to typing was tightening the hose clamp on my Corvair.

For me the internet was the wiring under my car dash, A ram was a Dodge truck, Bandwidth was what Three Dog Night was singing. Memory was how I played at the last football game. Bits and Bytes was what you got in woods. Reboot was when you tried on another pair. Broadband was the Mama’s & the Papas band. Virus, spyware, worm, and Malware referred to being sick or Russian, or fishing or your underwear was too tight. A cookie and spam were something you ate; you get the point. Ha

Anyway,,,,,sometimes those itty-bitty decisions can have a long-term effect on your life, so choose well. KT

Don’t despise the detour

A detour is not always bad. Sometimes it is God’s way of keeping you out of harm’s way.

25 years ago, was traveling with another hotel broker and when we got to the airport, the flight was delayed to the point we were going to miss our meeting. I was a little angry and the other broker looked at me and said, “look at it as God keeping us from a time or a place where we shouldn’t be. If the client doesn’t hire us because of this, we probably weren’t going to get the business anyway.” That piece of wisdom stopped me in my tracks and became my adopted thought process from that point forward.

We were traveling a couple weeks ago to my Mom’s in Virginia and we had been on the road for 10 hours. We get three miles from my Mom’s exit and the traffic is stopped on the interstate. We were tired, hungry and a little irritated and that last three miles took us 30 minutes. I had to take a deep breath and focus on what I had learned about detours and delays. We got through it and everything was ok.

So, when life gives you a detour or delay, just take a deep breath and think about this blog. KT

Nothing sells like confidence

I am in a sales business and I am a salesman. If I have learned one incontrovertible truth it is this. Nothing sales like confidence.

In our business we have all kind of pitch decks, glossy presentations and opinions of value and the best analytics money can buy. I have seen this thousands of times and it never ceases to amaze me every time it happens. The client will look at the materials you have presented but it always comes down to that 30 second decision where the client wants to hear what you personally think as compared to what you hand out for the meeting. It is in that 30 seconds, where the decision is made. That is where your confidence takes front and center and you either win the day or you don’t

I have always found it necessary to put myself in the client’s shoes and think like him or her. In doing this, I usually write down the questions they want to ask but may not voice. I also ask myself what is their motivation in selling or buying? I have found that if you can answer those questions without them having to ask, it is how you win the business. Some business trained folks think it is always about the money and I am here to tell that it isn’t. It is important but rarely the main reason. If you can get to the real motivation it will change how you present your findings.

I also know that many people work for a company and there is no selling involved. You just think there is no selling involved, but the truth, is everyone is a salesman. Every time you interact with someone else, you are selling yourself and what you believe in. You could be a school teacher, pastor, consultant, contractor, or a greeter at Walmart and every one of you is a salesperson. You are selling an experience and your belief in where you work or what you do. Confidence is contagious, compelling, and engaging and everyone wants to be around people that have it.

If you could pray for the thing that could change your life trajectory it would be self-esteem and self-confidence. KT

Coming through a tough Situation

When you come through a tough situation, it makes you feel stronger and bolsters your self-esteem and self-confidence. It is not fun when you are in the midst of the struggle but when you come out the other side, it is like you are better for having gone through it.

As a parent we all wish we could keep our children from ever having to experience the struggle part, but we can’t.  It is like watching a baby bird break out of its shell. If you feel sorry for it and help break open the shell, while your intentions are good, many times the little bird will not live. See, they need to go through the hatch process and fight to get out because it makes them stronger and ready to face the world. If you help them, they miss what they need to learn.

Three decades ago, I went through a financial situation that I thought would never end. I had purchased some fast-food restaurants and got deep into financial trouble. It took me eight years to pay the money back and put the difficult season behind me. Looking back, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, but it made me a better man, father, husband, hotel broker and Christian. It took almost losing everything to really appreciate God’s favor when you see it. If I had not gone through that time, I wouldn’t have learned many of the things God needed me to learn. One thing is to never take life for granted and two, put God first place in all you do.

When you come through a tough period, it may sound strange, but you are proud of yourself. To many this may not sound like a big deal, but it is a big deal. It gives you a new identity and purpose in life. You will find that the first person you need to respect, is yourself. It has been said that the greatness of a house starts with the first cornerstone. Well, when you go through a struggle and come out the other side, you have laid the important cornerstone for your life. Self-respect.

When you look at the world today and see the chaos, most of these people never got to the point where they had self-respect. They don’t know how it feels to be proud of themself and to live upright. It angers them to see other people who have self-respect, and it causes them to try and take that away. These people are really lost and lonely because they have built a fake house with no foundation.

If you are going through a situation, the best advice is to simply keep going until you come out the other side. If you have recently gone through a situation, never lose the feeling of gratitude and gratefulness. They will keep you humble which is one of the most endearing personality traits a person can have. KT

Planning today and tomorrow

Have you ever noticed that you plan more work for tomorrow than you do for today? The reason is simple, you like the idea of doing something more than doing it. I have these planner pads I use and have been doing so for 31 years. With the desk version calendar, you get these little cards you carry in your pocket to organize your day in priority order. It is a great system if you follow it and not so great of you don’t. More times than I can count, I have simply transferred the list over to tomorrow’s card because I tell myself, I will surely get it done then.

The point is that if one day’s list becomes the next day’s list and then the next day’s after that, you may need to sit down and re-focus your priority. I have also had days when I get everything done on that list and it is amazing how much better I feel when I go home.

103 years ago, a Harvard trained management consultant named Ivy lee walked into the chairman of Bethlehem Steel’s office and told him he could help him run his business more efficiently. The chairman said, “young man, I think I know how to run my business.” Ivy said, “I will give you a management idea, you try in and in three months if it has helped you, send me a check for whatever you think the idea was worth.” The Chairman agreed and Ivy took out a blank pocket card and ask the chairman to write down all the things he most wanted to accomplish with his business. The chairman sat back and wrote down a list. Ivy then told the chairman to put a number of importance by each item and agree to stay on that one item until he completed it. Only then could he move to item number two.

Ivy Lee left the office and the chairman tried it and liked it so much, he calls all his management team to his office and gave them all a stack of cards to use for the same purpose. He told them I will come to you without notice and ask to see your cards and that day’s list. Don’t let me catch you without your list.

The idea turned Bethlehem Steel into one of the largest steel producers in the world. Three months later Ivy Lee opened his mail and saw a check for twenty-five thousand dollars ($451,000 in today’s dollars) from Bethlehem Steel Corporation with a note of gratitude from the chairman.

A simple priority list for each day is probably the simplest and most often overlooked management technique in business. Try it because you would be surprised how much more you can get done in a day. KT