Being in the moment

My father in-law taught me something many years ago that still resonates with me today. He said “mentally, be where you are physically.” Translation, be in the moments of your life.

So many times, the stresses of life impede our minds and we find ourselves thinking about being somewhere else instead of where we are. On example is thinking about work when we are home and thinking about home when we are work. I remember when my girls were young, and I was trying to get the business off the ground that I often found myself thinking about all the things I needed to do at work instead of being in those moments. It didn’t always happen but when it did, I can’t get those moments back. You only get one shot at each day and we need to make the most of every opportunity we have.

In our line of work, it is impossible to never let the lines cross between home and work but we all should make a concerted effort to be there with our family and be engaged as much as possible. Again, no one is perfect, but we could try harder to separate the two.

I remember a story about Abraham Lincoln that is a good example. Back in those days, people would line up at the white house to meet with the president. He would be so involved with one person’s issue that many times he would not even be aware that someone else had come in to see him. One such time, people came in to his office and he didn’t even look up to acknowledge them until he had completed the project he was working on and placed it in the proper file.

Once a moment passes, you may have other similar moments but never one exactly like the current one. One of the greatest gifts you can give your spouse, children and grandchildren is your attention. Give them you. More times than I can count, I remember my daughters talking to me about something happening in their life and quietly praying to the lord, to give me the wisdom to know what to say. When you give your attention, you hear much more than the words spoken. You hear the heart.

So, at this holiday time of year, be in the moments with your family. That is what they want most. You. KT

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