Because, blue is my favorite color

There are special moments that you will remember all your life. If you are too busy to notice, you may miss something special.

Elaine and I had our two granddaughters up at the lake house last week. Our youngest is three years old and let me tell you, she is a communicator. She uses all her words every day. She wants what you say to be said correctly, and she will tell you if you said it wrong. She reminds me a lot of her mother when she was little. Ha.

So, last Thursday we get to the lake house to hang out for a while and decide to go eat dinner at the local Cracker Barrel. During dinner, she tells us she wants to go to the store and buy a little blue undershirt. Well, I don’t even know what an undershirt is. Elaine knows what it is, but I am clueless. She proceeds to tell us the reason she wants a blue undershirt: blue is her favorite color. After she has told us this about five times, we decide we better go find a blue undershirt. Just so we could hear her say it again, we would ask her why she wants a blue one. She would tell us as though it was the first time, that blue was her favorite color.

Well, we go to the first store and they don’t have any, and we end up going to Target to see if we can find the blue undershirt. We ask this lady who has her own grandchildren and she shows us this rack of these little camisoles and it was exactly what she wanted. We get the blue one because blue is her favorite color and you have never seen a child more happy. She wore that little camisole to bed, the next day and the next day after that. She wouldn’t take it off except for a bath.

The point is that these moments are precious and you want to make sure you are present when they take place because it is these moments that you will carry with you the rest of your life. Now every time I hear the color blue, I will remember our little granddaughter saying that blue is her favorite color. KT

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