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In our busy lives, many times our minds and hearts are not focused on what we are doing now and where we are now. My father-in-law, who passed away several years ago, was a real man’s man, and he learned how to be where he was. His name was Max Phillips, and he owned his own fence company on the south side of Atlanta. He could literally outwork anyone. When Max was working, he was fully engaged both mentally and physically. When he was fishing or camping, he was completely in that moment. See, when he was working, he wasn’t thinking about fishing, and when he was fishing, he wasn’t thinking about working. He simply believed that if you applied yourself to work when it was time to work, you were able to enjoy the downtime. What a great lesson and great example for all of us.

Jesus, when he walked the earth, was always in the moment and always was mentally where he was physically. When someone approached him for a touch, he was always available, always there, and always focused on that single individual until that word or that healing was fully handled.

This is a great lesson because many times, a young father or young mother are so busy that they forget to be where they are. The search for significance in life is a powerful thing that can drive you to miss many moments in life. I can’t say that I always do this because it would not be true. I often have this image of driving in a car on a road; the road curves where I can’t see where it leads, yet I am content to be where I am on the road, knowing that I am on the road God wants me to be on. As best you can, ask God to get you on the right road and be content simply knowing you are where God wants you to be. I find that being ok with where you are allows you to enjoy where you are; it also allows us to be in the moments of life, that if we miss them, are gone forever. KT

4 thoughts on “Be where you are

  1. So proud of your blog and that you are my borther-in-law. You have such wisdom that it is very inspiring.

    Love you,

  2. I appreciate the wisdom in this. I’m not always great at that either and strive to improve in that way. Thanks for the encouragement.

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