Be Bold

This is something I used to tell my daughters when they were little. I remember telling them this before they would leave for events they were involved in, dates, try outs, sports teams and generally regarding how to live their life. I would even say it as I prayed for them. It seems that the term has become quite popular these days and used often in advertising, retail and even has been made into bracelets.

I was with a good friend one time in Maryland and he had a prescription that he wanted to drop off at the pharmacy to be filled. I asked him if was going to drop it off and come back later and he said “no I am going to get it filled right now.” He told me that many things in life can be handled much better if we act bold and give the appearance of what we expect. I thought about this while he in fact walked into the pharmacy and got his prescription filled within a few minutes. The people at the pharmacy just simply did as he requested. He was bold yet kind and polite at the same time. He just went in with the attitude of expectancy.

This is a fine line of life but a very true and very important lesson. If you have confidence when you start something, it usually sets the attitudes and the way things will go as compared to going in with your head down and shy.

The funny thing is that boldness comes from “acting” bold even though you may not feel it at the moment. It is like when the bible speaks of “calling things that be not as though they were.” It means that the way you actually feel can be changed by how you act like you feel. Let me say that again. The way you actually feel can be changed by how you act like you feel. Therefore even if you don’t feel bold at the moment, by acting like you feel bold somehow changes you to actually feel bold. It is a mental and physical decision rather than an emotional decision.

As many of you know, I stutter when I talk and I have been like this all my life. I have learned that acting bold and acting confident helps my speech. If I let my guard down and go into a meeting with my head down I seem to stutter worst. When I do to myself what I am saying in this blog, I am actually making myself feel bold and confident even though I may not feel that way.

Jesus Christ told us to “imitate” him and I can tell you he was never beaten down or felt inferior and shy. The opposite was in fact true, in that he was always bold and never backed down to anyone. So I guess if you need to imitate anyone, Jesus Christ is the best example there is. It also goes without saying that if you are a Christian, that Jesus Christ lives within your heart, therefore imitating him doesn’t seem like the wrong thing to do.

Be Bold in everything you say and do and be the example God wants you to be. KT

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  1. Awesome blog, Keith. I have always seen Jesus as the example of kindness, humbleness, etc but never thought about how bold he was! Thank you for that perspective.

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