Asking God for what is best

Asking God to handle something and then trusting him to do what is best for you could be one of the toughest prayers you can pray.

Taking your hands off the control switch and really being ok regardless of the outcome is very tough to do. Many times we may pray over something and in the back of our minds, we think God doesn’t know what our real plan is. Ha.

Have you ever tried to negotiate with God over something or someone? It goes like this, God, if you will do this or that, I will promise to do such and such. Think back on times in your life when you have negotiated with God, and then ask yourself if you kept those promises. All I can say is that I am personally thankful for God’s grace and you probably are also.

What we want is usually in the here and now and involves, jobs, money, cars, relationships, promotions; when we ask for these things, it is usually “I need it now.” God takes a much longer view of time over 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, etc. God is the only one that knows what a decision today will result in 15 years from now. Trusting God to put you in the right place at his timing and to keep you out of the wrong decisions takes a great deal of faith and trust that he, and he alone, knows best.

As I look at my own life and my family, I can only conclude that God had it planned and that there is nothing I have done that got us where we are today. It was all him and him alone.

When you are facing big decisions in your life, there is this little thing called peace that comes over decisions when you are handling it the right way. There is also this little thing called uncertainty that comes over you when you are making a wrong move. My advice is to pray for the peace over the decision and not to move forward until you have it.

In business, I have gone into more meetings than I can count where I didn’t know the answer or how to address something only to get into the meeting and have a spike in my spirit about how to take the conversation forward. Many times before a meeting, my silent prayer is “help me, Lord Jesus and give me your wisdom.” Also, because I stutter, my prayer is always “let me speak fluently and let your grace go before me.” There have been deals that have been lost or engagements I wanted to get hired on that did not work out, but as I look over the 25 years of selling hotels, I can see God’s hand in my life and in my business with absolute clarity.

My main objective is to finish well in life and leave a good reputation for my children and son-in-laws to follow. I think about family members that have gone before me and the great example many have set for my life, and I want to be able to have my children and grandchildren say with pride that I was their daddy and grandfather. I don’t believe there is a greater calling than to do what is right and to be honest while you are doing it.

So, my advice is to really seek God’s will and move only when you have the peace over your decision. KT

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