Are you good enough?

Many people if they were honest with themselves would tell you that they don’t think they are good enough to expect success and joy in their lives. This is Satan’s main weapon he uses very quietly against us. He knows where the image weakness is in each of us and he exploits it if we allow him to. Let me say that again, if we allow him to.

I will give you a few examples of his handy work. You are not smart enough, educated enough, the right color, the right nationality, the right weight, the right age, handicapped in some way, don’t speak right, dress right, act right, inferior, shy, low self-esteem, senior citizen…. I could go on for 5 pages about the ways “we” allow Satan to hold us back.

I can tell you truthfully that whatever is holding you back, there is someone else who has less than you and they still made it.

I believe the first stage of changing the way you think is to recognize and acknowledge the self-images you have been allowing to hold you back. Once you identify them, you have made one of the biggest steps you can. Me, I stutter when I talk and God still saw fit to make me a salesman. I think God has a sense of humor at times in our life because who would put a man that stutters into a sales role where you have to talk. Ha. Satan’s image he tries to sell me every day is one of the failure to speak. Every now and then I will let it get the best of me, but I refuse to let it control me.

I think being honest with yourself about where your weak points are is the first step to making a change in how you respond when Satan tries to give you that image. The images he gives are always of failure and never of success. See, the very last thing Satan wants is for you to walk away from the images he controls you with.

Once you know what the images are, get by yourself and have a conversation with God about starting a new future without being driven by images of failure. If I know God, I believe he will run to show you how to get past those images and start a new future. KT

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