Anxious, irritable and unrest

Ever met anyone who has it all in life but still can’t find rest, joy, and peace? They have the life they always wanted but are still is in a constant state of unrest and anxiety.

This may sound like a quick bible fix but when I was in the Navy/Marine Corp they used to say something that was probably a lot like what God would tell you. Of course, God would say it a lot nicer and gentler. Ha. The drill sergeant in the Marine Corp would tell you, “shape up recruit and get off you’re a_ _ “or the chief Petty officer in the navy would tell you to, “suck it up, seaman.” See, I know these things because I was in both. I enlisted in the Navy in the medical field and what my recruiter didn’t tell me was that I would have to serve in the Navy and the Marine Corp which I did for five years.

I think if we could ask God, he would tell us to get over it and make the decision to be restful and in joy and peace. You see, it really is a decision that we alone must make, and we know this because in the example above, clearly the things in life haven’t helped that person. God would always be gentle, but he would tell you to get on with it, get on with your life, quit feeling sorry for yourself, quit running a race to be somewhere you can’t even explain, and look around you and see God’s goodness already in your life. KT

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